Using data to help make decisions

Welcome to solvewithdata.com.

Solvewithdata.com is born out of my passion to help anyone interested in analysing data to solve problems and make decisions.

Importance of data gathering, crunching and analysis has grown tremendously.

With costs of data storage, easy accessibility through the cloud and numerous touchpoints that collect customer data, this growth is unlikely to stop.

Solvewithdata’s goal to quickly help YOU get started in using data to make informed decisions.

I hope to cover the following areas which I have found to be key:

  • Various tools to extract data
  • Examples and references to help you quickly massage and wrangle data into useful views that provide insights
  • References to applicable statistical methods to help you understand the importance of your insights
  • Visualisation and Story telling techniques to help you communicate your findings
  • Sharing of new analytics strategies / techniques

Thank you for visiting!